Hi there! I’m Anna. By day: an Editorial Assistant and other times a writer and blogger.

I have run my own blogs over the years: Creative Energy Makes The World Go Around which included fashion, beauty and lifestyle content and a street style site called Chic to Street. However, I outgrew these blogs which led me to setting up this new corner of the internet, where I can write about anything that really makes me want to write – which could include feminism, food or fitness.

I have written for the likes of marieclaire.co.uk, cosmopolitan.co.uk, wannabehacks.co.uk and star-magazine.co.uk.

I like: digital, print, social media, emojis, good food and travelling amongst other things!

P.S. –  In case you were wondering… the (m) bit in my site domain is the first letter of my middle name. But I won’t reveal that!

I tweet (like a bird) at: @Anna_Fearon

I occasionally whack a filter on Instagram photos at: @annafearon


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