Moving to London

Last July I moved to London (ok, admittedly I no longer live there – maybe I’ll save that story for another time), but the fact is I experienced it, even if it was for a few months or so. I’m proud that I managed to take the leap and move there as I had convinced myself it was impossible for a number of reasons.

I was sucked into the propaganda widely distributed by the press and pretty much every human being that London is VERY expensive and consider yourself lucky if you can find somewhere half decent to live. It was drilled into me that you have to have a wacking great salary (probably from working in financial services) to be able to rent there or rich parents. Therefore, moving to London felt like a lofty dream that probably wouldn’t come true.

I imagined moving to London and struggling to pay my rent. I had visions of being on the doorstep of a wealth of culture and experiences, but not being able to leave the house because I couldn’t afford a bus ticket.

Then there was the fact that I was scared. When I was a teenager I remember reading so many newspaper reports about crime in London which thoroughly convinced me that it was an unsafe city, with danger lurking at every corner. For a girl from a small village you can see how London seemed daunting. I imagined being mugged, having my house burgled and all sorts; the reality is that these things can happen to you wherever you live.

However when I moved to London I found that my preconceptions were not accurate. It really is possible for a young professional that works in the creative sector to move to London. I wasn’t struggling for money, I didn’t get mugged and I managed to find a nice flat with reasonable rent. I wasn’t living in a bedroom the size of a small cupboard eating tins of beans, which is how the press often convey London life. I ate quite well and had a massive wardrobe and a beautiful fireplace in my room.

I really loved living a short tube ride away from Central London. I had a real feeling of independence and excitement; I couldn’t actually believe that I was living in the capital. I’m so glad that I did it and can’t wait to move back there when the time is right.

I suppose what I want you to take from this is that sometimes you need to try things out yourself rather than listening to what other people or even the media say. It’s better to try something out and realise you made a mistake than never take that leap of faith.


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