The social media illusion

Earlier on in the year I was on a skiing holiday, on one of the days I was skiing I stopped for a lunch break. Whilst I was sat outside, a blonde woman in the distance sat at an adjacent restaurant caught my eye. She looked model esque and immaculate and somewhat far removed from everybody else in the resort. She looked kind of familiar but I couldn’t think who she was.

It wasn’t until I got back to the chalet later on that it hit me – oh it’s that model/socialite (I won’t name who) whose Instagram feed literally gives millenials “life goals*” or whatever that is.

If I’m entirely honest she didn’t look remotely happy, she appeared uncomfortable and was awkwardly picking at a salad. She was also very fidgety and held herself in such a way that suggested she was conscious of her appearance. Ultimately she appeared far removed from the glowing and glossy pictures she posts of herself on social media, in which it appears that she lives a very “blessed” and happy life.


So why am I telling this story? I guess because it’s a strong reminder that what you see on social media is not always an accurate reflection of someone’s life. It’s the edited version, the best bits that they want us to see. Some people perform for pictures and set up staged shots, but that’s definitely not someone’s reality.

Some people, especially celeb types want you to think that they lead a fruitful life when in fact the very opposite could be true. It’s so easy to fake a smile for a photo and pose in a beautiful surrounding, but that doesn’t tell you very much about a person other than that they’re possibly photogenic and enjoy nice scenery.

It’s impossible to be happy every moment of every day, and I think some people’s Instagram pages fool us into thinking that every day is picture perfect and incredible. What it probably won’t show you is the tears, arguments and quiet moments.

This story just goes to show that you shouldn’t think that everything you see on social media is real. There’s absolutely no point in comparing your life to a series of staged shots which each took about 10 takes.

*A modern expression I’m not fond of.

Have you ever noticed a disparity between someone’s social media and their real life? Let me know your thoughts on this topic in the comments box below or tweet me @Anna_Fearon


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