Why we need to stop bingeing on social media

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Hands up who says they’re going to bed, but then spends a whole hour or more browsing social media? Yep, the majority of us have probably done this at some point (or on a regular basis if you’re anything like me)! Just when you’ve finished looking at one person’s profile, you then discover one of their friends and move onto digitally stalking them.

With the popularity of the likes of Instagram and Snapchat we now have a greater window into other people’s lives. You don’t even have to know someone personally to know what coffee they have or what handbag they own. People are sharing more of their lives with the internet, which means that there’s a constant stream of updates for us to keep up with.

I find Instagram and Twitter especially addictive and waste so much time visiting people’s profiles who I don’t even know. I regularly visit celebrities’ social media profiles and lap up pictures of their gorgeous holidays, designer clothes and yummy looking meals. I’m addicted to getting my daily social media fix.

I check in to see what normal people are up to as well (this has to be the equivalent of curtain twitching but in a digital arena). I’m curious as to what people my age and in my profession are doing. After a scroll of a profile I’ll then start to compare myself to them.

But why do I binge on social media? More importantly why do we do this? It wastes so much time and does nothing for our own personal development. In the time I spend browsing social media I could have written a blog post, read a book chapter or swam 20 lengths in a pool. Just because some people put every moment of their lives on the internet, doesn’t mean we need to look at it.

So next time you go for a browse on social media and get carried away looking at anybody and everybody’s profiles, ask yourself these questions: “Is this productive? Am I achieving anything by doing this? How does this help me?”. Remind yourself that every time you go on a social media binge and spend 30 minutes looking at someone’s holiday pictures, that’s 30 minutes you could have spent planning your own holiday!

It’s time for us to focus on ourselves, never mind others.

Are you guilty of spending a lot of time looking at people’s social media profiles? How do you stop yourself from doing it? Let me know in the comments box below.


One thought on “Why we need to stop bingeing on social media

  1. I find that you end up comparing your own life and circumstances to a friend or aquaintence’s highly edited and selective version. In a world which appears like everyone else us doing everything so much better than you its no wonder we all feel inadequate.
    I’ve stopped following ‘celebrities’, in the main, for this very reason.


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