My relationship with blogging

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I haven’t always had a blog, in fact I believe this is my fifth one. I’ve written this post so that you can learn about my background in blogging. Just because as readers, it’s nice to find out about the person behind the blog and why they write it.

My blogging journey began when I was a teenager and created a website domain called ‘Pink Lady’ with a publishing platform similar to WordPress, which allowed you to create a blog for free. I called it Pink Lady because I was obsessed with the colour pink. It feels like so long ago that I set up this website that I can’t even remember what I put on the webpage – probably images of Orlando Bloom who was my teenage crush. This blog was a small way of expressing myself on the internet and getting across a bit of my personality and interests. There was no strategy to take the internet by storm or create an online brand for myself!

After Pink Lady, which I have just realised is a type of apple, I had a blogging break which lasted for several years. It wasn’t until my third year of university, when I decided that I wanted a career in writing and editing that I started blogging again. I set up a blog called something like ‘The life of a History and History of Art student’ because yes, as you’ve probably guessed I was studying History and History of Art! Although the blog title implied I was blogging about what I got up to as a student I actually wrote about really random topics such as a celebrities outfit.

It was just a space online where I could write when I wanted some time out from my studies. I also set up a blog about the life of a single girl with the intention of honestly writing about my dating experiences. But after writing approximately one post which made me cringe after reading it back to myself I decided that I didn’t like sharing this part of my life on the internet.

After completing my first degree I was unhappy with my result, (I narrowly missed out on a 2.1) which lead me to worry about my future career. I appealed my result which meant that I had to delay my graduation ceremony from the summer to winter. In the meantime I created a new blog as a way to exercise my writing skills and boost my CV. I called it Creative Energy Makes The World Go Around (or Creative Energy as I abbreviated it to). I gave it this title to reflect my creativity and belief that creative energy makes the world a more exciting place. I initially wrote about fashion, beauty and lifestyle and later went on to include celebrity gossip. I didn’t want the blog to be about one subject in particular as I have wide ranging interests.

I kept blogging on Creative Energy during my Masters in Magazine Journalism at Cardiff University until I had to set up my own website as part of a digital module. This took up a lot of my time so I put all my efforts into making the new blog a success seeing as I was being marked on it! I established a street style blog called Chic to Street which mainly covered South Wales street style with some additional fashion posts as well. The meaning behind the name was simple – chic people bringing their style to the street!

Running this blog was a great experience for me as I got to engage with a massive fashion blogging community. It was fun dressing up for posts which featured my own style and I really enjoyed seeing what other people wore. It was also a weird experience because for the first time I was managing a website and producing content for it without my name being overtly attached to it. For example, all the social media accounts that I set up for the blog were named ‘Chic to Street’. However it was good practice as if I manage a companies social media in the future, I will be producing content as the brand rather than myself.

This finally leads me to this blog which you may be wondering how it fits in. Well quite simply, one of my long-term goals was to set up a website in my name so that as a digital writer people can find out about me and read my work. A lot of professionals use social media networks such as LinkedIn to promote their work and connect with others. So it’s a good idea to create and manage your own online identity/profile. I also set up this blog so that I could showcase my writing style and the topics I am interested in.

This leads me to….

What I’ve learnt about blogging:

  • It’s important to write about subjects that you’re passionate about.
  • It takes dedication and time.
  • You don’t have to be an expert in anything to start your own blog.
  • It’s a fantastic hobby and looks great on your CV! 

Why do you blog? Has it made a difference to your life? I would love to hear your stories.


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