4 ways to find an awesome restaurant


I am a total food lover. I love good food – I suppose you could call me a foodie! Although I don’t cook from scratch that often I enjoy eating out and trying different cuisines. Wherever I go in the UK or abroad I am always eager to go to restaurants that I haven’t been to before. It’s often the independent ones that have a particular atmosphere which enhances the dining experience.

However, it’s so easy to habit the same, familiar restaurants just because you’ve never bothered to find out what else there is where you live. If you fancy trying somewhere new then read on to discover how to find places without the hassle of too much internet research.


1. TripAdvisor

An obvious suggestion, BUT I can’t stress how great TripAdvisor is! Restaurants are ranked in order of their popularity based on people’s reviews of them. I have previously eaten at specific restaurants because I read a gushing review on TripAdvisor. Equally, I have also been put off going to places by awful comments! Never underestimate how good this website is!

2. Facebook

Without sounding like a total Facebook stalker, a good way to find somewhere new to dine at is the social networking site. Some people go out and tag themselves at the place they’re eating at and/or upload a picture of the food. Pay attention because this is your way of easily coming across somewhere new without googling anything!

3. Instagram

Celebrities use Insta frequently to post pictures of their meals and they might just mention in the caption where they’re eating at. I’ve already made a mental list of restaurants in London that I would like to try based on scrolling through on here! Pictures give you a great indication of what the food is like as well. Bingo!

4. Word of mouth

An oldie but a goodie! With the instancy that is Google Search we neglect actually speaking to people and asking them for recommendations! If you’re ever stumped for somewhere to eat then text a friend or ask a work colleague – they may just know somewhere really great.

Do you stick to the same restaurants or do you try and eat at different places?

P.S. If you want a restaurant recommendation tweet me at @Anna_Fearon. Always happy to help hangry* people!

*hangry = when you get angry because you’re hungry.


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