Hello gym membership!

My post workout green smoothie. Recipe from ‘Be Body Beautiful’ by Lucy Mecklenburgh. Image credit: Anna Fearon

Back in April I wrote a blog post entitled ‘Gymphobia‘ about how I found it hard to go to the gym because I had a bit of a fear of it. However, I am pleased to report that I have conquered this irrational fear. It may have taken me five months, but I have finally done the inevitable and got a gym membership!

Between April and now I have taken baby steps towards joining a gym. I was running on a regular basis in order to increase my fitness levels so that I could complete the Race for Life in June. Alongside this, I was trying to become more healthy and made green smoothies, packed with fruit and veg such as kale, bananas and pineapples (**see the photo caption up above for the recipe details).

However, my long-term goal was always to tone up my body and I didn’t think that I could achieve this just through running. I also felt that going to the gym would increase my confidence as I see the results.

And did I mention that I have a real love of food (especially pizzas and burgers)? Shhhh, don’t tell anyone! Well, it’s near enough impossible for me to eat grub like this and not gain weight. Gone are the days when I had a super fast metabolism and could eat what I wanted, when I wanted! So, as you can see, I kind of had to bite the bullet and get down a gym at some point!

My gymphobia is officially wearing off. It’s really not as scary as I thought! In fact, I did a workout in a ladies only gym today. I soon realised that the majority of women in there were exercising quietly without paying too much attention to anyone else. So, I didn’t feel uncomfortable or like anyone was particularly judging me for my lack of gym-intelligence (and by that I mean the knowledge of how to use equipment, and where to fill my water bottle up etc. etc.). 

I imagined myself falling off the equipment (Miranda style) but after being shown how to operate everything by an instructor I felt a lot more assured. I spent roughly 40 minutes working out on my own. This involved spending around 7-8 minutes on each machine and then finishing my workout by doing some squats with weights. Because who doesn’t want that killer Victoria’s Secret bottom sported by Candice Swanepoel and co.?

It may have taken me a few months to get a membership, but I have got there. So, there is hope for all you ladies out there battling with gymphobia!

There is one simple solution: Let go of your fears and get down to a gym. 


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