An open letter to my phone

Dear phone,

As of late you have been very distracting. I spend too much time glued to you – refreshing Instagram for updates and getting what seems like constant pings from group chats on WhatsApp. Whilst I love hearing from my friends, I have felt like I have grown too attached to you. Like you’re a body part (an essential organ that remains attached to my fingertips throughout the day). I’ve grown too accustomed to checking you at the expense of living my own life. When I go out for dinner with friends I want to focus on them and what they’re saying and not keep checking you.

Whereas before I saw you (or rather social media networks) as necessary I am now beginning to feel disillusioned with it. I’m sick of friends of friends endless photos of their weddings and pictures of baby scans and updates about someone’s relationship and how it’s progressing. Can’t they keep something back for themselves? I am bored of celebrities sharing every single moment of their lives on Instagram.

Endless selfies, holiday pictures and posts gushing about their partners. (N.B. I am not a jealous person I just like to keep my private life private, rather than sharing updates 24/7). I am a firm believer that if you were having such a brilliant time/life you wouldn’t constantly be on your phone posting updates (unless of course, you’re a blogger interacting with your community).

I have decided that the world has gone mad. Why are people constantly on their phones? Why do people feel the need to post photos/statuses every day just to prove to others that they actually get out the house/own a car?! The only solution I see to this is that I stop looking at social media sites so much. Who cares if that girl from a few years above at school has a diamond engagement ring to flaunt in endless selfies?

I have resorted to:

a.) Deleting irritating, bragging, oversharing “friends” on Facebook that aren’t actually my friends and probably never were…. and…to….

b.) Stop looking at Instagram so much to avoid the update that a celebrity has purchased a new car and a horse as well.

So I guess I’m doing a kind of digital detox. Perhaps I will report back on how I’m getting on in a few weeks time!


N.B. I am not referring to any specific people in this post and any examples I allude to I have drawn upon from my general experience of social media websites. Also I still LOVE social media, just not having to see people’s endless bragging updates!

Has anyone else done a digital detox? Or ever felt frustrated by people that overshare on social media?


One thought on “An open letter to my phone

  1. I am getting to the same stage. I started blogging because, as yet, it has not been infiltrated by some of the idiots on FB/Twitter.
    I agree with all your examples and offer three of my own.
    1.Clickbait. Posting a photo/article guaranteed to cause outrage or deliberately posting erroneous facts in order to generate shares/likes/replies.
    2 Posting a picture designed to make you feel guilty if you do not share or like.
    3. Posting a puzzle or math problem with two or more possible solutions then waiting for people to post an incorrect answer in order to verbally savage them. Thus the original poster feels superior and the author of the reply feels foolish. The questions are often designed to generate approximately 50% incorrect answers. I no longer even read these.

    This is bullying


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