5 reasons why you should vote today

No excuse not to visit a polling station

It’s General Election day today. Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock you probably already knew that! If you have no idea who to vote for or you just cannot be bothered to vote – I’ve gathered some reasons WHY it is your duty to do so.

1. You have no right to complain

If you don’t vote but then something happens later on i.e. your benefits get cut or your university fees increase you will be a hypocrite if you moan about it. You have the power to control your future and that is through voting.

2. Politics impacts your local area.

You may think “Westminster doesn’t concern me” but yes it does. Central government do have an influence on local areas.

3. Don’t let the sisterhood down

Women haven’t always been able to vote. If you don’t vote you are letting down feminists such as Emmeline Pankhurst that tirelessly campaigned for women to have the vote.

4. Your country needs you

If there is a political party which you have a strong disliking to then you need to vote to keep them out of government. Simple.

5. Why not?

Bored? Disillusioned? These are just excuses you use for not voting. But there is no excuse big enough to deter you from voting. If someone gives you the opportunity to make a difference to society – why would you not take it?

….Just one more thing: read up on the political parties main policies before you vote and make an informed decision.

How do you feel about general elections? Will you be voting today?


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